Are you struggling with finding entertainment during the isolation period?
We got you covered!
Wireless or wired set ups?! - We have them both!
During these stressful and uncertain times, we wanted to bring a little bit of happiness and fun into your life.
We will bring Virtual Reality entertainment to your doorstep, with the proper setup at your home and easy-to-learn training.
We have games and experiences for everyone and all ages! Whether it would be dancing or shooting game..or you simply want to explore other countries or planets?! We have it all!

Do not worry! We are ensuring the highest standards of hygiene at all times with our equipment and the staff members! By sanitizing equipment and following the health and hygiene guidelines.

We will provide operation, troubleshooting manual, and also phone support during the hire period. You just need to choose your dedicated play area and have fun!

Please contact us via enquiry form below.

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